Donohue Green is located on the first floor of the Lake Calhoun Center.

Donohue Green Law Office, PLLC
3033 Excelsior Boulevard, Suite 10
Minneapolis, MN 55416

P: (612) 708-9767
F: (612) 465-3214

Free Parking.

Plenty of complimentary client parking is located next to the building. Optional complimentary valet parking is also available during business hours.

It is best to park in the big lot to the west of the building (that is, to your right if you are facing the building from the front). The building entrance is by the valet stand on this west side of the building.  Once inside, Donohue Green is in the first suite on your left in a shared space with Ackerberg Group.  If you see the Ackerberg sign, you are in the correct place.

If you enter through the front of the building (the Excelsior Boulevard side), then you'll need to take the elevator to the lower level to our office.